Vin Sumner,Owner and Founder, Clicks and Links Ltd - Imagine Festival

Vin Sumner founded and runs Clicks and Links Ltd ( ). CL specialises in immersive technology. We have a long history working with virtual worlds ever since we were founded in the year 2000. Since then we were one of the first to host virtual concerts in Second Life, a long way from what is considered to be immersion today. Lately, we’ve been focussing on bringing the exciting potential of virtual reality to new industries. We’ve done work with large infrastructure projects, nuclear decommissioning, but also immersive training experiences and what we find is always the same. That the more immersive our applications are, the more value they add to our client’s organisations.

Under Vin’s guidance Clicks and Links developed an innovative approach to crowd sourcing open data in cities know as Open Data City which has been piloted in Amsterdam and Manchester. ( , )

Vin has recently led work with both European Cities through Eurocities and the European Commission on how the innovative use of ICT can help reduce a City’s carbon footprint. This has resulted in over 35 European Cities adopting the Green Digital Charter.( ).

In the context of the current Future and Smart Cities agenda, Vin is looking at how games technology might be applied to help both solve city challenges and improve citizen engagement. Vin has led Clicks and Links contribution on visualisation to the CityZen project for the Cities of Amsterdam and Grenoble and the Triangulum Lighthouse and CityVerve IoT projects in Manchester.

As part of Crossrail Innovation programme, Vin has led 2 projects on the use of virtual reality in major construction projects covering “reality modelling” and health and safety training.

Vin is regularly invited to take part in advisor panels on smart and future cities , examples being the BIS/BSI panel on smart city standards and the ITU ‘s smart sustainable cities working group.

His previous roles include: Head of E-Government for First Software, UK Business Development Director, Central Government Business Director for the Sema Group, Consultant with Logica. Vin also has a Physics degree from St Catherine’s College , Oxford.