Simon Bayntun - Imagine Festival

Simon has over 25 years’ practical experience in applying technology to solve business problems for organisations around the world.  For the last several years Simon has been focused on the unique problems faced by the Travel and Transport sector, dealing with complex operational ecosystems, regulation and security needs.  Understanding how this complexity can be orchestrated to deliver sustainable growth for corporations, whilst meeting the increasing aspirations of the consumer requires new ways of thinking and execution.

A history of developing solution and services leveraging mobile and IoT, together with increasing availability of real time data both from within the industry, and outside, led inevitably to looking towards cognitive as part of the answer.  The ability to assimilate large amounts of real time structured and unstructured data in a cognitive era allows insight and actions to be generated that would be impossible with traditional techniques.  Simon’s knowledge of the industry pain points, together with applied knowledge of the technology, has allowed him to develop solutions to complex problems, understanding and meeting the traveller’s aspirations, orchestrating industry assets and inventory to satisfy demand and resolving disruption in real time.  Using the the insight that cognitive brings Simon has been able to create new value propositions for the industry.