Robin Mackenzie Spinks, Senior Strategy Manager, RNIB Solutions - Imagine Festival

Robin currently works as Senior Strategy Manager at RNIB Solutions where he leads on the development of strategic partnerships with the technology sector. He also leads the TechShare series of international technology conferences across Europe, Africa and India.

Robin has worked in the disability sector for seventeen years including four years in international development working with NGOs, the private sector and governments in Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean establishing a range of sustainable low cost assistive technology programmes.

Robin is also presenter/producer of the popular Access Talk podcast  and is Vice Chair of Vision 2020 UK Technology for Life Working Group. He co-authored Real Lives, Personal and Photographic Perspectives on Albinism and he speaks regularly on issues around technology, low vision and personal development internationally.

As a passionate technology enthusiast and a person with low vision, Robin travels extensively promoting the potential of digital technology. His current interests include the accessible smartphones as a life device, voice control and smart wearable devices. He is also focused on using smart technology to improve employability and self advocacy.