Peter Wilkinson - Imagine Festival

As Managing Director of Passenger Services, Peter is accountable to Government for the design, procurement and day to day management of passenger railway services contracts in England and Wales. He has extensive experience of railway operations and the restructuring and liberalisation of railways internationally and was an owner and Managing Director of the highly respected industry consultancy, First Class Partnerships (FCP).

Peter has played a significant role in the modern structuring of some of Britain’s railways including the London Underground – post Kings Cross fire, the liberalisation of parts of British Rail and was an owner of the Wrexham and Shropshire and Renaissance Trains open access passenger rail businesses.

Prior to this Peter had led the strategic procurement operations for a global bank-assurance conglomerate.

After graduating from Sheffield, Peter began in defence and telecomms and then established Cascade Games, designing and retailing a range of arcade style games for a range of computer formats, most famous for the world’s first fighter-combat game ‘Ace’.

He was a former European championship motorcycle rider and shares his time between London and Vienna as that is where his family are based.