Dan Phillips, GATEway Project Manager, Royal College of Art - Imagine Festival

Before coming to the Royal College of Art, Dan was Global Director for Sustainability at Buro Happold, ran his own design and innovation practice, the SEA, and worked at Eight Associates, Battle McCarthy, Arup and Ford on large scale projects in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

At the SEA, major projects and clients included brand and service innovation for Orange and France Telecom, behaviour change services for young diabetics with NHS Scotland, a novel mixed mode education platform for schools and museums with the Department for Culture Media and Sports, strategic environmental consultancy for Southwark Council, Whitby Bird and the Building Research Establishment, a range of shoes for Camper, as well as design and innovation services for a number of start ups in the UK and USA.

Academic and media researchers have cited Dan’s work on new forms of blended learning, behaviour change in health care and sustainable building design in a wide range of publications including The Economist, The World Health Organisation, the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, The Architectural Expression of Environmental Control, The Dynamics of Delight: Architecture and Aesthetics, and Architecture in a Climate of Change.

Major built environment projects that Dan has been involved with include the Millennium Dome and Village in Greenwich with Richard Rogers and Ralph Erskine; Eastgate Centre in Zimbabwe with Mick Pearce; Nottingham University Jubilee Campus with Michael Hopkins; Brindley Place in Birmingham with Roger Madelin at Argent, and the Osaka Maritime Museum with Paul Andreu. These, and other built environment work, have been awarded a number of national and international awards for sustainability and architectural excellence.

Dan also proposed and was commissioned to write a book on environmental design for the built environment. The Eco Friendly Home, first published by HarperCollins Illustrated in 2000, has sold over 30,000 copies, with new UK editions appearing in 2008 and 2012. It has also been published in the United States as Designs for a Healthy Home: An Eco-Friendly Approach (Soma Books, 2003) and in France as Une Maison Saine Et Naturelle (Dessain et Tolra, 2001).